Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to Negotiate a Mortgage Note Modification with your ledner

Are you struggling with making your mortgage payment?
Did you know that you can negotiate a change in mortgage terms with your lender under the new government HAMP program?

It takes persistence, tenacity, a great deal of time and patients but the rewards can be fantastic.

Often you may avoid making payments during the process which can takes months and end up with a payment lowered then the one you currently have.

Just call your lender and ask if you qualify for the HAMP program and have them send out the application

Complete it and return with the requested documentation.

Don’t be alarmed if your lender looses what you send them and asks for updated supporting documentation over and over again during the process

It’s not for the faint of heart and not everyone qualifies but it worth a shot

It works best if your loan is serviced by BofA or GMAC and is owned by FNMA or Freddie Mac but may work with other companies as well with less predictability

To check is FMNA or Freddie own your loan go to


to find out

Hang in there and think of it like an adventure

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